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  • I always forget to recharge my batteries, so I stopped using them. Power One batteries from 5 Buck Chuck last me almost a week.

    John from Massachusetts

  • I didn’t even realize that I was spending almost $200 a year on hearing aid batteries. That cost just went down by more than half and the batteries show up at my doorstep when I need them.

    Bob from Texas

  • The price is great and this service is exactly what I wanted.

    Greg from Ohio

  • I am not very tech-savvy but when I called the 5 Buck Chuck Club, they signed me up within minutes.

    Louise from Colorado

  • I’m in a wheelchair and getting out of the house is a real challenge for me. Now, I just need to open my mailbox and I can hear again.

    Steve from Minneapolis

  • I am not a fan of subscription services, but my son signed me up and I love it. It’s so simple.

    Betty from Florida